Super-distributed Intelligent Autonomous Computing and Service Technology (SACS)

Hosted by BK21 team (“Research Team for Super-Distributed Autonomous Computing Service Technologies”) of Hongik University


The centralized network-based communication method reveals many problems that are difficult to cope with exceptions, and in the case of tactical communication that is difficult to build infrastructure, a communication method with flexibility and scalability based on a distributed environment is urgently needed. In addition, various types of distributed independent-based service applications such as autonomous vehicles, Massive multimedia IoT services, cluster drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, and multiplayer games are increasing. However, although many distributed-based services and networks coexist due to the expansion of distributed infrastructure, most of the current distributed services/networks are pre-designed and implemented for a specific purpose, and operate exclusively and independently from other services or network resources In addition, the exclusive/static form of service design/operation is difficult to adapt to the addition/change of existing services or the creation of new services, and has the inefficiency of redesigning and re-implementing them. Therefore, through this workshop, we would like to exchange and discuss the research results to provide effective services through hyperconnectivity in an

autonomous distributed environment. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Architecture & Protocol for Decentralized Networks
  • Decentralized Computing
  • Decentralized Machine Learning
  • Decentralized Applications & Services
  • Decentralized Security & Authentication
  • Software for Decentralized System
  • Future Network Architecture & Protocol
  • In-Network Computing
  • Decentralized-based Microservice Deployme

Submission Deadline: 12.21.2022

Submission link: